Dresses: Day 25

Hey, did everyone see the super-nice slideshow Elle.com did of ? !

Here’s another (they keep going, and going …). This one is in :

I love this weight of Liberty, I wish they would make MUCH MUCH MORE of it. Here’s a closer view:

It’s a smooth, tight, silky weave, and heavier than Tana lawn. Here, look EVEN CLOSER:

The zipper on this one, though, is a C-. And that’s generous.

Here, you can see where I had to do a little bit of “there, I fixed it!” at the top:

Here’s the back view, for completeness’ sake:

And since y’all were so helpful with my collar question of yesterday (check out ), new question: how would you put a fuller skirt on this pattern? I don’t know whether it would be better to Frankenstein a skirt from another pattern, or whether I should suck it up and redraft this skirt (with its PERFECT POCKETS) to be fuller … and if the latter, how? Suggestions welcome!


9 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 25

  1. Thanks for showing all your fixes and your zippers. You’re one of my idols, so if you can wear a dress with a C zipper, I can, too! I know a lot of people don’t recommend quilting cotton, so I was developing shame about sewing with it. it’s nice to see how many awesome dresses you’ve made with it.


  2. a few pleats across the back? Like the shoulders of that W3 dress, maybe? Can you just cut the back piece(s) wider and do that? Funny how when a question like this comes up, suddenly a decade and a half of sewing doesn’t feel like enough experience! 🙂


  3. erin, just found your blog & am enjoying ‘100 dresses’ countdown very much. a few questions:

    1) many of your dresses have been made from quilt-weight cotton, which often has crazy good prints. i have wondered whether garments made from it would be a little stiff: could you pls comment? would calico garments behave the same way?
    2) are your dresses lined inside? how do you finish your seams/ hems? have seen some bias & tape @ neckline & armhole in pix.
    3) any zipper-free, slip-over-your-head, t-shirt type or wrap dresses in the list? or dresses made with knit materials? you’ve had some button-front/ button-bodice dresses, but for those of us who are fastener-fearful…

    thx for your time & am looking forward to your future posts!


    • Thanks!

      1. I think quilting cotton makes nice garments — they’re not terribly stiff, but they’re not silky, either. If you’re used to knit fabrics they will feel stiffer, of course.
      2. I use bias tape for necklines and armholes, and zigzag over the raw seam edges. I never line anything if I can help it. 🙂
      3. No fastener-free dresses! I’ve never gotten in to sewing with knits. Someday …


  4. I’m all about the frankenpattern, myself. But I don’t get all worked up if a skirt and bodice don’t line up perfectly – if the darts are off by 1/16th of an inch, I’m not losing sleep. But for some sewers the throught of it would really bother them . . .


  5. Some pleats (box pleats maybe?) would be a good idea. Otherwise you could slash and spread. For instance divide the back and front pattern in 3. You have 2 lines to slash from hem to the waist but don’t cut all the way in the waist, just leave 1/8th attached. Then spread the pattern to the desired fullness. True the waist, the hem, make sure all seams length still match and adjust the grain !


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