Dresses: Day 22

This is one of my very favorite dresses, in that it’s a very cheerful dress to wear. I mean, how could it not be, it’s covered in bicycles!

Here’s a better view of the fabric (Michael Miller It’s A Boy Thing Bicycles) which, by the way, is still in :

I have no idea why “It’s A Boy Thing,” but I do know that when I wear this dress while actually , I get lots of friendly waves from little kids. (And if you do not wave back to small children who wave at you when you are riding a bicycle, well, that’s between you and your total lack of joie de vivre.)

The zipper on this one is a strong B:

And the back:

This is another of course, and I hope you’re not tired of these yet as there’s a whole bunch more a’comin. I didn’t remember until I started sorting out dresses for photographing 1) how many of these I’ve made and 2) how nicely it works in quilting cotton. There may be some stashbusting sewing coming up, now that this has been brought forcefully to mind.



9 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 22

  1. I have that exact same fabric! Does that make me cool be extension? No, probably not. Mine isn’t a dress either.

    That is a great dress, the print and the execution and the bicycle riding, awesome.

    The only other reason for not waving would be that you can’t ride one handed at that point.


  2. I saw the Julia Rothman ‘Ride’ prints at my local fabric store the other day, and all I could think was, “That’s the kind of fabric Erin would make a dress out of.”


  3. I saw the Julia Rothman ‘Ride’ line at my local fabric store the other day and all I could think was, “That’s the kind of fabric Erin would make a dress out of!”


  4. I love that you make dresses of quilting cotton. Some sites I go to make me feel like I should be embarrassed to be doing that. But I’m not. Quilting cotton dresses are awesome.


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