Dresses: Day 10

Hey! We’re 1/10 of the way there! Don’t worry, there are still many, many dresses to come. Like this one, which is more than a little reminiscent of the dress:

This is made from Simplicity 1538, which I really liked in the pattern illustration, despite the fembots-on-the-attack arms:

I’m not as happy with it in Real Life, though, and I think it’s my own damn fault for using this super-heavy Marc Jacobs cotton/linen canvas. Wrong fabric choice, despite the wonderful stripes. Here’s the back:

(As evidence that this dress would look much better in a lighter fabric, check out this super cute gingham version .)

The back stripes are off JUST ENOUGH to bug me:

The side zip didn’t fare so well in the heavier fabric either:

And for some reason this pattern is about a inch too long in the bodice, a problem I never have with Simplicity B34 patterns. I might just make it again (but not in this fabric). And speaking of the fabric, using up this great fabric on a “meh” dress bummed me out, but then I found that it’s still on sale at . (It’s a bit expensive, but maybe I can have a second chance!)

And … was officially published yesterday! had a nice piece that makes me hopeful for the Youth of Today.

5 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 10

  1. they really should put you in charge of uniform design for all *sorts* of institutions.

    You’d do a lot better than the Virgin Trains red see-through blouse debacle of late. If that isn’t damning with faint praise.

    so what does this fabric want to be instead?


  2. Oh it’s too bad you don’t like it, the stripes are killer. I have a handknit that could coordinate pretty well with it (though probably not matchy enough for your taste, hehe):


  3. The stripes are amazing – what a pity the fabric wasn’t the appropriate weight. Have you made this again in a lighter weight stripe??


  4. From the photo, the weight of this fabric seems fine. I think the main difference between this dress and the WeSewRetro dress is the crinoline. Just put a crinoline under it, and this dress will come to life! (Yes, that’s my answer to everything – put a crinoline under it!)


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