Dresses: Day 6

Six days! Woot! (Which made me go search out half-remembered novel, which I think now I will have to re-read.)

I had high hopes for this pattern:


It just seemed so … head of the PTA, if you know what I mean. No-nonsense yet somehow soft.

This is what it turned out like:

It might have been my fabric choice … this is a little less “head of the PTA” and a little more “candy striper in the depression ward.” The fabric is nicer closer up:


I even made covered buttons!

And because I knew I couldn’t get the pockets to match stripes perfectly, I tried a little embroidered distraction:

And I carefully put in a waist hook, a detail I usually gloss over by promising myself that I’ll just wear a belt:

Here’s the back view:

And a closeup of the back collar, which I’m not happy with — I didn’t turn & press it quite right:

Even with the slightly institutional air and the wonky collar, I would probably wear this a bit more often if the skirt were a bit fuller. It looked plenty full in the illustration, but it’s just narrow enough that I think I’m going to tear that front placket fold if I wear it riding my bike, and when I sit down it pulls, too (not fun).

So the search for the perfect shirtdress continues …

7 thoughts on “Dresses: Day 6

  1. I’m really not sure that the German language predates the Silurians. you’ll have to convince me.

    candy striper in a depression ward! love it.

    that skirt is false advertising, you should report somebody to somewhere for somewhat.

    I think the high contrast and varying width of the stripes renders this after image inducing, but I do like grey.


  2. I like that gray stripe fabric, but maybe for a different application. This one’s not my favorite. 🙂 It’s a completely different silhouette from the front of the envelope, agreed. Great job on those buttons, though!


  3. Nuts- I have a bunch of vintage patterns i’d like to make up, but I know they’ll never look quite as wonderful as those lying liar illustrations! That being said, i’m a sucker for stripes and this would be super cute with a bright yellow belt to escape the asylum…


  4. I’m really really enjoying this series and this renewed burst of posting! Looking forward to the rest of them. 🙂 This one looks like it’s probably quite nice on though (I do like the modelling pics!). How odd that the skirt isn’t fuller when it’s certainly drawn that way.


  5. The original pattern came from the Fifties, I think, and they would have been wearing stiff peticoats under the skirt to give it the appearance that it has in the pattern cover.


  6. Yes – I agree with Rosina! I was going to say that the skirt just needs a crinoline underneath.
    The pattern illustration makes it look like there’s a self belt, not just a waist seam. That’s misleading!


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