Today's Pattern Story: McCall 4280



Blue: Look at them. They seem so happy.

Print: They’re like children.

Blue: They know they will die; some even know it will be soon.

Print: Fools.

Blue: Yet they keep on talking and dancing.

Print: What else can they do? Come now, we’d best be getting back to the ship.

Blue: Do you think they’ll even notice when the invasion fleet arrives?

Print: Not if the boys in stealth do their jobs right. Let’s go, this flesh suit is getting itchy.


8 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: McCall 4280

  1. That is a really weird story. What goes on in your head?? I’m not sure the inside of your head would be a good place to be. Very funny even if it did creep me out. Oh yes, great pattern as well.


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