Today's Pattern Story: Advance 6051



One Dress, Three Thoughts

Gray: Now, wait … was it, “you put your RIGHT foot in?” Or does the left foot come first?

Blue: Goshdarnit, there’s a cigarette burn in this dress, too. I’ve got to stop smoking in the broom closet.

Pink: I’ve had my mouth open like this for forty-five minutes and I haven’t caught a fly yet. Ha! Another thing Mother was wrong about!

9 thoughts on “Today's Pattern Story: Advance 6051

  1. I love the shape of this bodice, Erin. In my stash of old photos I have a snapshot of an older woman wearing a dress with this bodice shape. She looks quite elegant.


  2. Erin – I am making a Vogue 8811 and wanted to add pockets…I thought you had some tips on that but couldn’t find it. Am I just imagining that?

    thanks, Leah


    • oh, I didn’t realized they’d done a retro version of that pattern! I may have to pick that up!

      I think I linked to this great tutorial from Pins and Needles, last time:


      • Erin

        It’s a really nice pattern and so far its going together nicely (with alot of fitting help from a workshop). Thanks for the link for pockets, the dress needs them.

        Here’s the link for the dress


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