Yesterday's Dress

I got all excited about fall and made a new . I really like this dress for fall/winter because I like wearing them with long-sleeved tees underneath and I think the shape/length goes well with my favorite roper-style boots. (I just found a pair in & I can’t wait for them to arrive …) The skirt length plus the boots has this kind of Edwardian schoolgirl feel that makes you want to go off and have adventures, all .

This fabric makes me very happy. It’s a midweight denim in that nice claret color — not really maroon, more of a deep red — and it hangs well without being heavy and doesn’t wrinkle. I had a very long day yesterday (longer than usual) that included carrying my bike up four flights of stairs (in addition to the usual flights at BART stops and whatnot) and it pulled through like a champ.

Every time I make one of these I wonder why I don’t just wear this dress all the time. It’s wonderfully comfortable, has huge pockets, and fits exactly. And it’s easy to make. (For this one, because of the weight of the fabric, I faced the collar and pockets with scraps leftover from the in this post — it has a claret-colored stripe that matches perfect, which pleases me even though no one else will ever see it …

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    • Search for “Justin” or “roper” boots on Etsy — tons of pairs. I’ve also seen them in red and purple. Tempted by the red but holding off.

      If there is a store in your area specializing in Western wear (especially catering to the Hispanic market) you can sometimes find them there, too (new). There used to be one on Milwaukee Ave in Chicago …


  1. Erin, I am so happy that you now show us what the dresses look like on you. It also helps us realize which ones we want to straight out copy! I love your style and I share your love for functional pockets.


  2. I love the dress. Too bad I don’t sew. If I could find functional comfortable dresses to wear daily I would. Jeans are not made for a woman’s body in my opinion…..squishing us in the middle and making a muffin top and such. Your figure is a feminine dream come true 🙂


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