(Re)Work it!

So somebody (please take credit in the comments if it was you!) let me know about in Oakland — they make adorable things like this out of reclaimed materials:

The suspenders? Are genius, right? Definitely that falls in the “wish I’d thought of it” bucket. And if you are not near Oakland, California, fear not: they also have an .

I know, I know, it’s very bayareaish, but their stuff is 1) adorable 2) wearable and 3) not ungodly expensive (of course still more expensive than making it yourself, but …). I think my favorite is the (more pockets!). Plus, their models look happy and like women you’d like to talk to about sewing and comic books and the etiquette of using the swings at the playground when there are still small children there (my take: you can swing as long as there is at least one empty swing besides the one you use, and you relinquish your swing as soon as that empty swing is filled), instead of like they’re practicing their while wearing shoes made of broken glass and fire ants.

18 thoughts on “(Re)Work it!

  1. Hello! this isn’t relevant to this post, but I didn’t know how else to contact you. You’ve shown enthusiasm for odd, typography-related prints and odd, animal-related prints in the past, so I had to share the magnificence of a Typewriting Squirrels print dress:


  2. Unrelated to glass and fire ants, but did you know about the Liberty of London ‘Lifestyle’ collection coming out this fall? Liberty prints on quilting weight cotton for a more reasonable ($12ish a yard) price. I may or may not have plans involving Liberty prints and world domination.


  3. Thanks for featuring my line! I just found your blog through Etsy’s stats page. Seams lots of folks paid a visit to my store from your post. All the models are dear friends of mine, and some of the finest ladies in the bay. Cheers!


  4. I love your site but this is, by far, my favourite post! I thought I was the only grown up to ponder swing etiquette; I’m glad we are on the same page with that.
    Thanks for sharing the awesomeness that is you.


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