Why I Love Gray

I got asked my favorite color the other day and, purely through knee-jerk reaction, I said “green!”

But lately I’ve been mysteriously attracted to gray … like this blue-gray dress from :

Or this gorgeous dress (from on Etsy):

or this shiny utilitarian dress (from Vintage on Etsy):

And of course, gray and collars is an unbeatable pair (this is from on Etsy):

Gray just goes so well with all the colors I like best … pink, yellow, pale blue, red … even green, and isn’t as harsh as black, I think. Gray spans the elegance continuum so well, doing both casual/utilitarian and dressy/elegant (something that one of my other favorite colors, yellow, just doesn’t do so well).

Of course, it’s not all that auspicious, according to folklore, but I’m willing to ignore all this:

Except for the “matured judgment” part … I’ll accept that!