Another Couple of Liberty 8728s

I don't think I've posted these yet — forgive the shaky pictures — but I made two other before I went to Australia: 



Here's the back view:

This is Liberty (of course) — Percy's Leaf (from ). 

And this, in Mike (also Liberty from ) — a closeup of the bodice (kind of a shadowy picture, sorry): 

And a shaky picture of the back:


I know I'm not done with 8728 just yet — it makes up SO nicely! It's so easy to wear! — but I'm thinking it might be time for another shot at the … what do you all think?

16 thoughts on “Another Couple of Liberty 8728s

  1. I might need to come over for a tutorial, I made this dress and while the zipper is perfection – the rest of the dress didn’t turn out so well. Your versions are so lovely! Maybe it’s my shape that’s made the dress all wonky?


  2. So pretty! I’ve finally given in and bought that pattern after seeing all your beauties. I’m not sure it’ll be the right shape for me but I can’t wait to try anyway.


  3. I’ve been loving your blog for a while and finally have to ask a couple questions. Do you make the shoulder pads for this dress? I can’t stand shoulder pads. If you didn’t, did you make any adjustments to the shoulders? Also, I am really short-waisted and I wondering if this particular bodice would not lend itself to shortening.


  4. Thanks Anne! I did not make the shoulder pads (I never do) and that’s probably why I adjusted the shoulders down two sizes. 🙂

    I’m not sure about shortening the bodice. If you’re short from the shoulders to the bust (high-busted?) then it would be tricky … otherwise I’d just take it out of the waist piece and hope for the best.

    Hope this helps!


  5. I was browsing through the Wisconsin Historical Collection today and was amazed when this dress (with a couple of similar ones) leapt out and suggested itself as a 19th century ancestor of the 8728:


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