Today's Pattern Story: Oh, Mr. Mort!


Monochrome: Must. NOT. Laugh. Wouldn't be kind. 

Hat: Why hasn't she said anything about my hat? The Noah's Ark look is HUGE this fall. Literally.

Spectral Ladies 1, 2, and 3: Oh, Mr. Mort! You're such a … prominent designer!


[Forgot to add — this pattern is from Sheila at . Enjoy!]

Today's Pattern Story: McCalls 4086

Blue: My pensive, wistful look is the best. The director just has to give me this part. 

Pink Dot #1: I don't know why that blonde is even wasting her time. Everyone knows brunettes do coy and bashful best. This part is mine.

Pink Dot #2: Does this pose say "My life will be pointless unless I feed my cat "Fussy Cat" cat food"? I think it does. This role is mine! Besides, hats always sell pet products. I read it in Advertising Age.

Pattern from Jen at .