Ooh, links!

Check out this great dress from . I love everything about it:

Her whole blog is worth a visit. (Thanks to for the link!)

at LanetzLiving includes a picture of the previous owner wearing her version! So. Cool.

ModCloth did … a sartorial heroine, to be sure. (Thanks to for the link!) 

NancyKay sent a link to this — check it out: 

MEDIA UPDATE: I'm not sure what the overlap is between readers of this blog and of Scalzi's Whatever, but if you missed his blog a couple weeks back, he . (Awesome, yes.) And if you want to hear my opinions on the word "swagger" (and who doesn't, really) you can check out . And you all know I regularly write for the , yeah? (A reader of my blog told me last week she had no idea, so ….) And Wordnik is powering in the Wall Street Journal. Whew. I think that's it!



8 thoughts on “Ooh, links!

  1. You’re mnst welcome on the Ms. Frizzle link. It’s too bad most teachers wear jeans instead of dresses these days! Just imagine the reaction a teach would have from her students if she wore that yellow Linsk dress to school one day.


  2. I like the chevron effect on the skirt part of the dress. Now a days my attention stays on skirt part, i can explain, well …

    Please join the Month Long Celebration of SKirts @ Sew Skirt September

    Adithi’s Amma from Adithi’s Amma Sews


  3. Loving the inversion rule. So true! Does for all those SOH claims in lonely hearts ads. Now, if I say I’m luftmensch-ish (or luftfrau-ish) – Wordnik’s WOTD today – does that mean I’m not? Hoping so. 😉 Very cool news about the Wall Street Journal too. Congratulations!


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