Bee-yoo-ti-ful Suit

This suit is listed on (and it's crazy expensive). But it's oh-so-gorgeous … 

To me, this feels like the kind of suit worn in novels by heroines who take jobs as governesses, etc. before returning to their prior station. A conservative cut in a fabric that is just slightly too attention-getting, yes? (And of course it goes without saying that in the kind of novel I'm talking about, this suit would call attention to the heroine's startling blue or violet eyes …)


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21 thoughts on “Bee-yoo-ti-ful Suit

  1. I love that pepulum overlay. It’s very subtle yet puts this jacket into another level of design. The back view shows how that overlay is cut at an angle. I think this is a fairly simple idea worth trying on a similar simple jacket or dress!


  2. I agree completely. This is something one of Mary Stewart’s intrepid British heroines would have worn in one of her earlier novels. ::love::


  3. It looks like something Hepburn would have worn in an early film where she had the most perfect buttoned up outfits: little hat, gloves, blouses and jackets buttoned to the neck and perfect leather purses. She was what they used to call prim, but not prissy.


  4. Oh my gosh, I totally see this as the evil mother’s outfit. Sure she’s all conservative, but her outfit screams ‘I’m more beautiful than my daughter!’


  5. This has nothing to do with this post but you have to see this 1947 wedding dress and romantic story about a Soldier and a parachute.


  6. Don’t the wrinkles under the arm and bust indicate that the mannequin is too large in the bust for this? Button looks like it too.

    Was this tight fit a conservative cut in the New Look era? Would anyone hire a governess with this undisguised figure?

    I like the color it looks here, blue-violet, better than the red & navy stripe the close-up shows. Definitely too attention getting.

    I made a vest with this fit, and the peplum, once, out of a tapestry-print corduroy. When I had a waist like that. I loved it…


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