You won't have to follow a trail of crumbs to get your own wacked-out Hansel and Gretel Lanz of Salzburg dress, like, say, THIS ONE:

Here's a closeup of the Hansel-y, Gretel-y part: 

You can find this dress on , if you want to commemorate child-endangerment and near-cannibalism. Have fun!


12 thoughts on “Crumbs!

  1. Truly, I cannot imagine anyone I knew or ever was even around wearing this dress. Maybe, and only maybe, it would have been used during very private lounging time – like on a hot summer night after a shower.


  2. My mom used to wear Lanz nightgowns as party dresses in the 60’s and 70’s. Like this one:

    Some girls did that with the original Laura Ashley slips, petticoats and nightdresses, too.


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