Link Tuesday

Some links, for Tuesday:

by about Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley. (If you're local to the Bay you should add Moya to your RSS list …)

. Thanks to for the link. Wait, why are you still reading this? Didn't you read the words ORANGE BUNNY FABRIC?

Oh, so you don't like bunnies? (That's un-possible.) Maybe you like bicycles? Okay, here's some .  

. I like it. (Thanks to Michelle for the link!) I also love .

Cool new project for ! We live IN THE FUTURE, people. (Pledge $25 and get your own Continuum pattern & instrux.) [Thanks to for the link.]

— makes the same dress style in multiple fabrics for women of all sizes. I think I'm in love — thanks to Luci for the link!

is either the apotheosis of wackaloon, or brilliant comedy. Not sure which.

6 thoughts on “Link Tuesday

  1. Erin, I *knew* you’d dig WearTheShift!

    A whole bunch of my friends of all different shapes and sizes have ordered their dresses, mostly made from vintage- or vintage-style fabrics, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the incarnations … and eventually getting one custom-made for me, too! Geez, the opportunity to have a dress that fits *exactly*? How cool is that?!


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