It's That Time Again …

Time to do a charity donation drive! 

This year’s charity is . Why give to a women-focused charity? I strongly recommend you check out that link — but here’s the short version, from their web site:

  • [Women] bear a disproportionate burden of the world’s poverty (They represent 70 percent of the world’s poor)
  • Their ability to have a decent life is limited (they perform 66 percent of the world’s work and produce 50 percent of the food but they only earn 10 percent of the income and own 1 percent of the property)
  • Investment in women is inadequate (recent data shows that only 3.6% of overseas development assistance was earmarked for gender equality (UNIFEM). And for every dollar of development assistance, two cents goes to girls (Girl Effect).
  •  During and after conflict, women are particularly vulnerable to violence and exploitation (About 70% of casualties in recent conflicts are women and children (UNIFEM) and the forms of violence they experience include torture, rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution and mutilation (UN)

Women for Women does great work in trying to change all of the above.

And to encourage you to give if you can, here’s the deal: the first 15 people to donate this year will get a galley copy of . (Just email me [erin at dressaday dot com] your receipt and your mailing address).

If we reach $1200 in donations by December 25, I will write a new “secret lives” story, that will include the top-two vote-getters below:

Sound good? Let’s go!


Forgive the multiple oooooooo's and the exclamation point, but really, these deserve it:


They're the  (available from Amazon and anywhere boots are sold; I bought mine gently pre-loved — and significantly cheaper than list — on eBay). And I loooooves them. (There's those oooo's again!)

I didn't realize when I moved to the Bay Area last year how much I would need flat black boots. You see, when it's pretty much 50 degrees all winter long, it's too cold for bare legs, but slightly too warm for tights. This only leaves knee socks (which I do love, but are occasionally a bit juvenile) and boots. Flat, black boots that go with everything. (If you're asking "why don't you just wear pants," this must be your first time here at MilitaryHumveeAuction. Archives are on the right. Take your time, we'll wait.)

Flat black boots. Sounds simple, right? You can't open a web browser without tripping over a boot sale, this time of year. But the flaw in my boot-seeking plan is that I have big calves. Big, muscular, yeah-I-used-to-play-college-soccer calves. Calves that, at 16" around, are EXACTLY ONE INCH bigger than most boots' top circumference.

But these beautiful soft, classic boots have TWO elastic insets in the back. It looks like a cute design fillip, but the two inserts mean that these boots Just Fit, without me having to take them to the Magical Boot-stretching Man. (Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the Magical Boot-stretching Man, but the hassle of "?" means that I'm usually limited to buying boots on super-super-sale, so in case they don't stretch I won't have wasted too much time and money.)

So, thank you, Corso Como, for doubling up on elastic. Two thumbs up! (And thank you, also, for not draping these boots in pointless metal hardware and wacky straps.)

(Btw, if you have the opposite problem — teeny ectomorphic jackstraw calves — check out the last letter here at for your options. Because, sadly, there's no Magical Boot-shrinking Man.)

A Resounding "Meh"

So at first I was thrilled to hear that Liberty and Apple were collaborating on a line of Liberty-print laptop cases and bags: two of my favorite things, together! My current laptop sleeve is nicely utilitarian, but is the world's most boring taupe-y gray. (I think it's the color androids paint their living rooms.)

And then I actually , to see: 

Meh, right? I mean, there are literally dozens of Liberty fabric designs , and they picked one that shouts "Grandma's Nightgown"? They also do a leather , but Ianthe is the Liberty version of Death By Chocolate—sure, it's nice and all, but it's not SURPRISING.

I mean, even would be cooler than this pattern (Edenham). C'mon: Apple, Liberty, I know you can do better than this. ?

Holiday Spirit

Thanks to Kay for forwarding me the cover image from the latest … isn't it lovely? (Which reminds me — one of their dresses is often recommended to me, and now some colors in little sizes are . Just FYI.)

First Review!

The first review of has shown up in my feed reader … from Sarah at the blog:

As the author of, Jo Bob conjures up the most beautiful descriptions of clothes, including a cherry pie print blouse that sent me straight to eBay. In Mimi's shop, Dora discovers that each item comes with a story, and these were absolutely beautiful. The dress that is only for dancing, the dress that is for a very particular meeting…

Although certain elements of the plot were a little predictable for me, Lives of Dresses is a heart-warming and lovely book that would make a great Christmas present for any vintage lover.

Thanks Sarah! Of course, the book isn't out until February, but I assume they still have book tokens in the UK, right? (I used to love reading about book tokens in children's books. And speaking of children's books, the cover image at that post is for the UK edition — doesn't it look very Noel Streatfeild? I am so lucky in my book covers …)

Today's Pattern Huh? (and Sale): Simplicity 4672

Caption: Somewhere, deep in the land of WTF accessories, these women have lost their way. See how the blonde in the back is yodeling for help, while her sisters are oblivious to their fate?

Believe it or not, the hat and muff pattern come with this dress. Because someone, somewhere, looked at this perfectly nice dress and thought, "What this needs is FUR! Fur cuffs! A fur hat! A fur muff!" And since everyone else just wanted to go to lunch, or even just get back to their real work, they all nodded and filed out of the conference room in a collective shrug of "what can you do?"

A fur hat, sure: leaving the ethics of fur aside (let's pretend it's fake fur), it's kinda kicky, kinda Moscovite. And it's up there on your head where it can't do any damage. But: fur cuffs? I've never seen a garment where fur cuffs didn't turn into disgusting unwashable dust and germ magnets. It's like wearing Swiffers at the end of your arms. 

And muffs! Muffs are the anti-pocket. Let's see: why don't we take your perfectly functional hands, and shackle them in front of you in a hot sweaty upholstered tube you can't put down? Brilliant! What do you do with a muff when you (just for example) want to shake hands? Blow your nose? Unlock a door? Unless it's lined with nickels so you can use it as a cosh, I can't see the point. And even then, the "beautiful girl pulls a teeny-tiny gun from a muff" schtick is so cliche I bet just carrying a muff gets you extra screening at the TSA checkpoints.

However: the dress itself is lovely, and  is having a 20% off fall sale, through Wednesday. Just mention “dressadaySale” in the checkout (and yes, you can combine the sale with Sandra's shipping discounts)!



Well, baby, you can turn me on

I love this dress from Holly at . This falls into the "It's so obvious, it must be ironic!" category — don't you think?

I can see it worn that way — ironic Brooklyn hipster style — with a long fuzzy sweater and flats, or (heaven forfend) those slouchy elf boots that have inexplicably returned from the dead. Or you could rock it straight-up with classic stiletto heels and big hoop earrings.

To modernize it, you'd have to wear those (also largely inexplicable) open-toe wedge-heel booties that I see everywhere and a (unless the Balmain shoulder is already out? I can't keep track).

If this is your size, I'd jump on it — it's a great holiday-party dress and it's only $85!