Holiday Spirit

Thanks to Kay for forwarding me the cover image from the latest … isn't it lovely? (Which reminds me — one of their dresses is often recommended to me, and now some colors in little sizes are . Just FYI.)

9 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit

  1. Oh, Erin, ain’t it the truth! I looove this JP cover! It’s so lovely. And I’m just as much a sucker for a shirtwaist dress as you, and in fact have a wonderful long-sleeved cotton poplin one in deep plum from JP that I adore. Had my eye on the short-sleeved one for many moons, waiting for the price to come down, but in the end the only color available was orange, and that’s a bridge too far for me.

    (I also have some gorgeous, dressier shirtwaist specimens from Barrie Pace.)


  2. I love how creativeness gives so much variety to women’s outfits!

    This cover is the perfect example of celebrating not only Christmas but also femininity. If I could wear that creation, I would in a second… And that is why my man always complaints… Women have so much to choose from whereas men stick to their pants and Christmas sweaters!

    Thank you


  3. I didn’t know J Peterman was back! Ahh! I’ve been over to their website and ordered some things already! (ON SALE of course!) You got me addicted to Liberty of London and now J Peterman!


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