In Which The Blue Gardenia Puts Up With My Wiseassery

Denise at very kindly asked me to send her information about my sewing den for her sewing spaces project … you can check it out (with some slightly-off-kilter pictures) !

I was a little tired and punch-drunk when I answered her questions, so I apologize for exceeding your RDA of facetious answers (if you're wondering, the RDA is 3 for adults, 1.5 for children). 

Here is a special bonus bad-quality cell phone picture of shoeboxes full of notions, just for you!

7 thoughts on “In Which The Blue Gardenia Puts Up With My Wiseassery

  1. I love your answer about imposing order on the stash. Fantastic! And I’m glad I’m not the only one with an out-of-control sewing area.

    Why do you have Canadian money hanging up? Hanging onto it for your next visit to Canada? Or do you just like the color? 😉


  2. Let me know when you plan to come to Vancouver again! I’d love to meet you! And I can show you a fabulous fabric store here. I don’t know where all the fabric stores are, but I do know of one or two.


  3. I wish someday to have a collection of notions like this, and at the same time I don’t. But the feeling of wanting a collection of something as awesome as a notion collection greatly outweighs the fear of having constant mess. It must be great going through a box every now and then and rekindling loved notions that have been forgotten. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I should do one of these too.


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