Secret Lives of Dresses Vol. 16


She always was straightforward. I felt her square her shoulders and take a deep breath. It made the buttons strain, just a tiny bit.

"Hal." She looked him right in the eye.

He was always perceptive. He didn't give her a chance to go on. He just said "I thought so." There was that half-grin, and the accompanying shrug. His hands in his pockets, not fidgeting, just there. 

"Why didn't you say anything?" Her hands smoothed the front of her skirt. If she had been a nervous person, that would have been her nervous habit.

"Ladies first …" 

"Always the gentleman." 

"Just not your gentleman." His grin lurched to the other side.

"A gentle man, all the same." Her hand lifted, almost to his face. He caught it and pressed a kiss into her palm. She didn't pull away, but he let her hand drop. 

"Well, then. I'll let myself out," he said. She stood still, and when she said "Hal" again it was to the empty room. Three whistled notes came through the window, then died away, the phrase abandoned.

[Image from Posh Girl Vintage.]


17 thoughts on “Secret Lives of Dresses Vol. 16

  1. The story is great, of course, but the DRESS! GORGEOUS!!! So then my least favorite part of the post (but also my favorite because it was so clever):

    “dress is sold, dammit”


  2. beautiful- I love how you’ve built a whole world around these brief phrases (and lovely dress)
    Just started reading Lydia Davis’ superb super short stories…(to tide me over, of course!)


  3. I found this in the Sydney Morning Herald today and found it slightly reminiscent of your Secret Lives series:
    More real-life stories!


  4. totally off topic…but I am watching on the Road with Austin and Santino on lifetime and what I find hard to believe is that all these little towns they go go still have mom and pop fabric stores when the rest of the American landscape is bereft if fabric stores


  5. Wonderful! I love how you capture everything so perfectly in so few words. This almost seems like it could be a continuation of #15, just with different names.


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