A Few Quick Links for Monday

Thanks to (and Threads Magazine), I now know there is an . Dear developers: please make one for the Palm Pre & Android, too. 

Has anyone heard anything about ? I am hoping it will be like kickstarter.com, but for clothing … but I'm not feeling their "democratize fashion" tagline when everyone in their promo picture is a skinny white model. What would be really useful is if they connected would-be designers with someone like Kathleen at for some real-world advice, but that may be wishing for the moon … 

I still haven't written up the "How To Make Five Heidis and Not Go Crazy" post, but there's of me wearing one that I made in my Heidi binge. (For the Liberty obsessives out there: the lipstick I'm wearing is the incredibly bright MAC Liberty  shade.) 

Did you know ModCloth is doing a literary anthology? I love it when sites do things Just Because It's Cool. Check out their submission guidelines .

And I loved all of coverage of Quilt Market, and I am marking my calendar to watch for these in the fall. Oooh!

8 thoughts on “A Few Quick Links for Monday

  1. Skimming the article you cited about FabricStash, it doesn’t sound like my thing.

    I use iPhoto on my Mac and the Photo app on my iPod to store sewing-related pictures, and that works fine for me.

    I’ve uploaded the Estimated Yardage Requirements for various garments on Flickr. Anybody who’d like to is welcome to download and use them however you please. Let me know in the Flickr photo comments if there’s a mistake, thanks!


  2. Oooo, the Alexander Henry! Their prints are some of my favorites. (My most awesome piece of clothing that I’ve ever made EVER was a skirt out of the Alexander Henry ‘Route 66’ print.) If he were an actual person instead of a design house, I’d probably marry him.


  3. I didn’t check the app link (yet), but I’d like to add the Palm Treo to the list of devices that could use a Fabric stash app.

    Or perhaps not. If I don’t know what I have, maybe I won’t buy fabric!


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