Finally: Tetris Dress!

Well, it's been a , but I have FINALLY finished my Tetris dress, and here it is.

Tetris dress front

Here's the back (with iPhoto enhancement — the colors aren't really that bright):

Tetris dress front

Here's the bodice, so you can see the contrast facing (these colors are truer, too):

Tetris dress front

It's just in time, too, as I'm in San Francisco today (about , naturally!), and I hate giving a talk without a new dress. There's something about sewing that makes it easier to think out talks … by the way, the talk will be STREAMED LIVE (ulp) at 3 pm PDT, so if you want to hear me talk, tune in! (Warning: I am shorter in real life than I am on the blog.)

If you like this dress, would you do me a favor and tweet/Facebook/delicious the link around? I'm having a personal-best contest to see if this one shows up in more places than the !

UPDATED TO ADD: Thanks to , the Tetris fabric is now available at ! Even better, Jenny's donating her percentage from the sale of this fabric to , a nonprofit that encourages kids to explore technology. (Two words: Lego contests!)

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is so wonderful, i would do anything to own it! If you ever make some to sell keep me updated i would purchase it in a heartbeat!!! ❤


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