In Praise of the Grown-Up Dress

Last night I clicked through a few screens of Emmy Dress Coverage (or, considering the number of strapless, cut down to there/up to here, and just outright nekkid dresses that were on display, maybe I should say Emmy Dress Uncoverage) and then gave up. I don't have anything against strapless gowns, except that I am BORED TO DEATH with them. Bored, bored, bored. Ditto for Grecian dresses. Ditto for what I call (and you will know immediately what I'm talking about) "Ice-Capades" dresses. Booooooooring. Yawn.

Why don't people try for stuff like this (fur not included)?

The people at these award shows have fantastic bodies; you can't tell me they couldn't pull off something like this and still check the "young" and "sexy" boxes on their event forms. (They could wear burlap sacks and still check the "young" and "sexy" boxes on their forms.) Besides, I'm also bored with "young" and "sexy." Why not "chic"? Or, goal of goals, "soignée"? When everyone is tanned, buff, and evidently suffering from claustrophobia of the shoulders, no one is.

This pattern was available at Glass of Fashion (who wrote about it ) but it's gone now — but Penny at Antique Dollhouse still has a copy (Bust 38)! Check it out . It has the Dress A Day Seal of Approval for your next red-carpet event.

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