Happy Birthday, Lucite Box!

is one year old and is having a birthday sale! Holly says:

To mark the first birthday of Lucitebox, I'm having a major site wide sale that runs for the next ten days. Turning one is fun, so come and celebrate by checking out our vintage fashions–all of them are on sale now through June 19th.

New items will be added throughout the duration of the sale, so drop by frequently to see what's new. Thank you so much for your support and patronage. I really appreciate it!

And, just so you know — Holly helped me with my Closet Cleanout 2009 project, in which I am releasing a lot of vintage back into the wild, instead of letting the poor dresses languish in my closet (or worse, in rubbermaid bins) all lonely-like. So (full disclosure) a of the in her are consigned from me.

Oh, and while I have your attention, a big project I've been working on opened up on Monday — a project to find and describe all the words of English! You can check it out at . (It's still in early beta, but we hope you get what we're working towards!)

This Week's Pattern Story

Blue: My doctor gave me this brochure, girls, and guess what?

Plaid: What? What? You're killing me here.

Blue: It tells you HOW PEOPLE GET BABIES!

Red: No! Really? Really and truly?

Blue: You are SO not going to believe this.

Plaid: Look at me, I'd believe anything at this point. I'm beginning to give some credence to that "swallowed a watermelon seed" theory.

Blue: (whispers)

Red: You mean, that's it? No storks? No cabbages? I feel … disillusioned.

Plaid: Huh. Well, I'll be damned.

Blue: That's what the preacher said. But wait until I show him THIS! It's all just science!

Red: I wonder if Jimmy knows? Won't he be surprised when I tell him!

Loafer Update!

Long time readers of this blog will know that I am .

And since coming out as someone who is loafer-obsessed, I have met many other people who have a similar … enthusiasm. So I thought I'd share links to two styles I've found recently that, although not as nice as my favorite (and no-longer-made) Via Spigas, are pretty damn good.

First, Macy's has these, from Marc Fisher (which I think is one of their house brands, but I'm not sure):

Today they are $39! (They were >$70). Click on the image to visit the Macy's page. I bought a pair of these and they are comfortable, definitely.

Okay, these next ones are man-made materials (aka vegan). Many of you have asked if I knew of non-leather alternatives, and now I do! Plus, they're dirt-cheap: $29.99 at Overstock.com. (click image to visit site)

What I really want are these, from Marc Jacobs:

The worst part is that I already HAVE them — I found a pair on eBay that weren't anywhere NEAR $260, and bought them. And found that they were the wrong size. (The seller translated a European 38 as "8.5" which it is NOT.) I them on eBay, if you want them.

Of course, even though I wear penny loafers EVERY DAY, I don't really need any more pairs. Why don't I? Because THIS is my penny loafer collection:

whoa penny loafers

(And yes, that is a pair of on the edge there.)

Does anyone else wear a slight variation of the same damn shoe every day? (Anyone else who presents as female, I mean, I know most guys basically wear the same shoe every day.) Represent in the comments!

This Week's Pattern Story


Have you ever wanted a REAL LIVE DOLL?

One that really talks, and walks, and eats, and puts on HER OWN CLOTHES?

One that can stay in your room when you are at school and bite your little brother when he comes in to rummage through your stuff?

One that will take off her peplum belt and hold it menacingly when out with you on the street?

One that is guaranteed to make your friends envious and really creeped out?

If so, get a parent's permission and CALL NOW! (Small DNA sample required. Not available in Massachusetts.)

(Thanks to Rachel for this one!)

Did You Miss Me? I Missed You!

Sorry I've been awol for so long — lots going on!

I hope to resume regular posting tomorrow, but until then, please enjoy/recoil in shock and horror from this fantastic fabric sent to me by Julie.

Meat fabric

The more I look at this fabric, the more I want it. It says "Stunt Dress for the Cattlemen's Association Ball" to me (not that I've been invited). But, sadly, I don't know where to buy it online. Do you? Leave a comment!