Here, Kitty Kitty

Ang at has this adorable kitten-print dress up for sale …

It's got a little hurt going on — it was part of a theater group's costume collection, so there are some repairs that wouldn't be visible from the opera circle but that would be if you wore it in "real life."

I used to have a problem with buying "hurt" dresses, especially at thrift stores. I would fall in love with them and want to fix them and make them all better, but what generally happened is that they fell into a laundry basket and gradually turned into vintage compost, because I hate mending.

So I will buy hurts now only on a few conditions — if I want to use the buttons for something else, for example, or if the fabric is so fantastic that I have grand plans of scanning it and reproducing it (perhaps with the help of our friends at ). This dress doesn't have any buttons, but I do think someone might want to buy it just for the fabric. So cute!

While I'm thinking big, I wish we had some kind of international print registry, where manufacturers would list their designs with various licenses. I know (or think I know) that there are big trade shows where you can see prints, and that some prints are licensed exclusively to one designer, or to one designer who does childrenswear and another who does swimwear, or whatever, but wouldn't it be fantastic if you could get, online, a listing of all (for example), available to download and have printed yourself for a small fee? I would gladly pay $10 (on top of whatever it cost me to print the fabric) for the right to print some yardage of some prints from years ago, and it's not like the manufacturers are making any $$ off those prints now!

Maybe I should go talk to about this idea. đŸ™‚

Anyway, if you love cats, dresses, and don't mind a few small mends here and there, this is the dress for you. (Click on the image above to visit bigger pictures on Ang's site, then hit the "back" button on that page to get the listing information.)

Quick Fabric Update

Do you guys remember ?

Duro Jr

I made it with some of the , and (iirc) a lot of you REALLY liked that fabric.

Well, I got an update from this weekend, and they have this fabric! In the orange, and in this very nice blue:

It's pretty expensive (almost $17/yard) but a LOT cheaper than a trip to Japan, so, really, when you think of it that way, it's like you're SAVING money.

Oh, and thanks for all the kind words about the Crossword Puzzle Tournament — I actually did much better this year than last year, despite having been a puzzle slacker AND despite staying up super-late Saturday night at a TMBG concert. (They played ALL of . It was AWESOME.) Of course, for me, "much better" means "In the bottom 200, instead of the bottom 100," but still, better! If I jump fifty places a year, in only ten or eleven years I will win the whole shebang, right?

One more thing: the . I'm getting a lot of flack (mostly in email) for using the word "sewist" instead of "sewer," so feel free to leave a comment with your opinion … (Mary Beth, I'm looking at you!) There are also comments from people who think that if a particular combination of letters exists in ANY language, you can't say it's a "new" word in English. Sigh. Why don't we teach linguistics in high school, again?