In Which I Buy More Shoes (But Not Loafers, This Time)

Since Winter will be here ANY MOMENT (I'm told, although it was 80 degrees in Chicago on Monday), I need, as usual, more shoes. Perhaps "need" is too strong of a word; perhaps I'm looking for something like "hankering for" or "appetency". Anyway, I found these on eBay: only $50! Which is good in these times of economic uncertainty, right?

Jeffrey Campbell Herman

I am also havering over , which are a LOT more expensive, but still cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else:

Biviel 1517

And what seems like months ago, but was only weeks, I'm sure, I bought these, also cheap ($80! For leather boots!) on eBay:

BCBG Elda boots

The calves were a bit too snug, but that's no problem — I took them to my shoe guy and he put little gussets in on either side of the zipper. It took him about a week (plus I had to go in for a "fitting" once he had the new bits inserted, to make sure they were exactly right). Now they fit perfectly, and it was only $50 to get them that way. Considering I've never, ever seen black leather boots I liked for under $250 (and thus have never, ever bought any) I feel pretty good about these!

All of these have heels under about 2", which is good, walking-wise … since, after the collapse of civilization (ANY DAY NOW) I will be walking southward to avoid the zombies and/or cannibals.

So with one new pair of black shoes (okay, two pairs — I bought a pair of Faryl Robins on sale at DSW — marked down to $40! — that I haven't taken a picture of yet), possibly one pair of wine, and a pair of black boots (plus I have brown J. Crew boots from last year that I bought at a thrift store for $7) I should be all set for autumn (if it ever gets here) and winter. So don't look for any more shoe posts from me until AT LEAST April. Right? Right.

Posts about *tights*, though …

More sale notices: Holly at is having a sale: 10% off anything until October 20th with the coupon code ATCOLORS. Holly (or rather, her adorable apartment) is ALSO featured on the magnificent blog Apartment Therapy, for their Fall Colors Contest — click to check it out (and leave a comment)!

Mine Mine Mine All Mine

It took more than a year of watching and waiting, but finally THIS PATTERN is mine:

McCalls 9379

And I bought it from Birgit/Tarna's , which only makes it better. (She also has a .)

I love this dress so much. I think it's because (even though the model in the illustration is clearly an ingenue) this seems like a very attractive (okay, let's admit it: sexy) dress for a woman, not just a girl. Think a kind of lush, mid-career Elizabeth Taylor; before women past 35 were encouraged to inject their foreheads with toxins lest — heaven forbid — they showed a creased visage (or attempted to raise their eyebrows).

And is it wrong that I want to make this dress in every color (starting with orange)? Possibly best not to answer that.

If this pattern makes you long to buy some patterns yourself, you're in luck: Janet at is running a sale (while she goes off to welcome her fourth grandchild into the world — congratulations!). It's
25% off … just use the code sale25 (make sure it is all one word) and it will be deducted for you. Sale will end at midnight CST on Nov 2nd. You might want to start your browsing with …

Utterly Great

(and Erin, and , and , and , and Cindy) sent me this link, to Jodie's selvedge dress:

This is, as you can plainly see with your own eyes, magnificent. I hereby crown Jodie Queen of Doing Cool Stuff for this week (with the power vested in me by … well, by nobody, but that's beside the point). Anyone who can do this is the Queen of Doing Cool Stuff by general acclamation.

And you have GOT to click on the image to see all the other pictures. The fabulosity quotient here is very high. (Pregnant women and those with heart conditions should fortify themselves with chocolate before clicking through.)

I really, really, really hope that Alexander Henry or Michael Miller or SOMEBODY gets the hint here and does a fabric that's all selvage/selvedges as a boon to all of use who are too lazy to save ours …

Doubling Down

Remember ? The dress artist who was doing a dress for each of the 50 states? She's got a new one, and I really like it:

Click on the image for other dresses she's made recently, including a series of dresses made from dollar store items. (My favorite is the whiffle-ball wedding dress.)

Meet Our Advertisers #10: Holly of Freudian Slips Vintage

how long have you been in business?
2 years sourcing vintage for private/design clients, then launched in Autumn 2007.

what motivated you to go into the vintage clothing business?
My previous life as a commercial fashion designer was becoming all about designing to fit into increasingly tight cost margins, and was no longer about creating beautiful things, setting up a vintage business enabled me to continue to be creative whilst working with beautiful clothes, and no sweatshops either!

what did you do before this?
I worked as a freelance fashion designer, designing womenswear for companies including Marks and Spencer and Laura Ashley

where are you based?
London, UK

More fun questions:
what's the weirdest/best/craziest/most beautiful thing you've ever found?
The most beautiful dress I've found recently, as I think it's so red carpet worthy and the colour is so unusual is this vintage 1940's and I also love this , as it has huge crazy furnishing style tassels and the fabric is incredible!!

what do you have in stock that you can't believe hasn't sold?
This gorgeous black with bakelite belt, it's searching for a tiny waisted owner!

what do you dream about finding?
I got engaged In May so the hunt is now officially on for the perfect vintage wedding dress for me (selfish I know!!) I have an art deco engagement ring, so now need the dress to match!

what do you enjoy most about working with vintage?
The thrill of the hunt! that constant feeling that the most amazing vintage 1940's floral silk dress is just lurking, waiting for you to find it, at the bottom of the next box stuffed full of 70's scratchy polyester delights …

what do you wish someone would ask you about your site?
Can I purchase all of your most fabulous and expensive items straight away for the wardrobe of a huge Hollywood movie set in the 1940's etc. …

it's a good day at work when …
I get an email from a customer telling me they love their new dress, or I find a huge stash of mint condition, gorgeous new stock.

if I ran the internet for a day I'd …
Somehow eradicate all the spammers, just so I never get one more email offering me inappropriate pharmaceuticals or telling me I'm being offered the deal of a lifetime by a Russian oil magnate …

the blogs I read (other than ADAD are …)
, , the and tons of other vintage fashion sellers' blogs when I have time

you'd laugh if you knew this about me …
I still ride my immaculate 1980's (bought as a teenager) push bike with Duran Duran style logos and orange neon paintwork, as I don't see the point of buying a new one, much to Mr Freudian Slips' amusement …

The Fauxlero Post to End All Fauxlero Posts

Not that I want fauxleros to end … but here's a smattering of those that have been sent to me lately:

Dulcet sent .

Our beloved Cookie sent three. This one is highly abstract — you have to have a highly-attuned fauxlero-sense to spot it:

This one is a mod, mod take on the concept:

And I really want to know why someone wrote "Magic Lady" on this one:

Pamela was listing this one on eBay ("designed" by Gloria Swanson!), but the auction may have ended by now:

Advance 7011

found this one, although I'm not sure if it's a fauxlero or a cape in its larval form:

McCalls 4912

found , although it will set you back more than £900 (!).

The sharp-eyed Helen saw on Etsy. The pattern calls it an "attached capelet," but she said she wasn't fooled: it's a fauxlero.

sent me this image — the woman in the center now has a starring role in my nightmares — but yes, that's a fauxlero:

McCalls 4373

This fauxlero (sent by lorrwill) WINS with POCKETS:

McCalls 7882

Elle sends this … a wraplero!

And, as a reminder, the fabulous started at category page on the Vintage Pattern Wiki for fauxleros . Add yours!

And more sales! Lisa is having a fall sale at the . 15% off, using keyword fabulousfall, good through the 15th of October, and is having a one-day sale, 20% off everything (before shipping) tomorrow, Wednesday the 8th.

Pull Tab To Open

Beth sent me a link to this dress (at Sew-Retro, now sold) and asked if anyone else had noticed how "pull tab to open" this pattern is … which I hadn't, but now that's she's pointed this out, I will never be able to UNsee it. So, um, thanks?

She also sent this one, which is even obvious-er:

Anyone else have some good examples? Considering that I will not be able to make anything like this now that I have both seen the possibilities and posted about them … I should be grateful to have some things taken off my "to-sew" list, actually!

Oh, and, speaking of the "to-sew" list … Hotpatterns is having a $5.99 sale on all their ! Grab 'em while you can …