"This gives the gown a whimsical quality."

There's a ton of nice stuff up at right now but this one (as you might expect) caught my eye. That enormous belt — how perfectly surreal!

It's described as a "small/tall 36" 26" free hips (17" shoulder to waist, 39" waist to hem)" and is $366; a bit pricey, yes, but I think it's worth it.

This dress is the perfect bridge between the too-safe Little Black Dress and full-on sartorial eccentricity; training wheels for speeding away from boring eveningwear, if you will.

If money were no object (and in my dress fantasies, it never is), I'd get a rhinestone necklace made up just to go with this dress, one where the clasp was also an giant buckle, meant to be worn at about the 4 o'clock position on the neck.

Sadly, it's fairly apparent from the photo that the huge buckle is not also a capacious (and very hard to reach) pocket. That would just be too perfect …

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