Linktastic Friday No. 3

Carmen sent a link to the above — made of measuring tapes! So cool.

Cel sent this link to — really worth looking at.

Jay at let me know about Sonya Naumann's great art project: . Sonya is taking pictures of a thousand different people wearing her thousand-dollar wedding dress! Genius.

If you want to make the world a better place for women, I can't imagine a more satisfying place to put your money: gives reusable "sanitary supplies" (that is, menstrual pads) to girls in Africa, because if they don't have them, they can't go to school. (And regular paper products, when they can get them, can't be disposed of safely.) I suggest donating a week's worth of pads, if you can; they don't take direct cash donations but offer a list of suppliers who will make them and send them to Goods4Girls for you (they also offer instructions to make your own).

. Thanks to Deborah for the link (and check out her magnificent coat on the cover of )!

Nikkie, the curator the in Fort Morgan, Colorado, is looking for help; they are having an exhibit this fall on the WPA (, later the Works Projects Administration) and its impact on Morgan County. One of the local WPA works in Morgan County was a Sewing Project, where simple, serviceable apparel was made and then distributed as part of the relief efforts. If you have any of the standard patterns used for the WPA program, or any finished clothing items, and would be willing to lend them to the museum, would you contact her through the link above?

sent in . Please click that link to see the best and most hilarious pocket ever.

sends in these very nice …

made a !

Hilarious 1950s Atlantic piece on the … [via ]

Elisa (aka ) was ! Congratulations!

Nora sends a link to Etsy seller who makes GORGEOUS skirts and dresses, including plus-size. Marvelous appliqué. She makes stuff to order, with no extra charge for plus-size and her prices are very reasonable for custom work!

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  1. Who votes for Jane BonBon to be on Project Runway and WIN? I do! I do!I LOVED the 1950’s Atlantic piece. Ah, Linktastic Fridays. A definite high point in my week.


  2. I think we need to file the skirt with the uterus pocket with the knitted uterus at Chicknits has “the most sarcastic hair” – I think this skirt definitely wins for “most sarcastic pocket.”


  3. Dahling, thank you SO much for mentioning the write-up in the Style Section of The New York Times. The old Gray Lady was much improved by my presence, methinks. Although they did airbrush my cleavage and Bucky’s, er, ah, little black oboe.


  4. I love the paper dolls! They look like real people! She has a waist! and hips! and thighs! and boobies! She looks like me! Yay!Click on the picture- I would mind having the “Romantic Hero” pictured below! Oooh la la!


  5. Love that lamp. So cool. In the spirit of linking, you might be interested in seeing the wedding dress my friend is knitting –


  6. Thank you so much for the Good4Girls link!I definitely have to help them. Plus reading through their pattern links, I may help myself too since I also have problems with the bleach and plastic products. Yay!


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