Fabric Week Exclusive

Y'all remember , right? I did an way back when?

Most of my interview was basically lusting over her fabrics, which she designs herself and uses for her scarves and handbags and pillows and whatnot.

Well, she has a few yards of her "larch pinecone" print left over, and she's selling them on Etsy. (Click the image above to go to the listing.) It's expensive, but it's worth it — gorgeous, heavy silk, in a beautiful print. (And a is available.)

What would you make with this fabric? It's so expensive that I think a full-skirted dress is out of the question … and, although it's heavy silk, I think a cheongsam might be a little obvious. I think I'd make a little bolero jacket to wear over a narrow wiggle dress of heavy ivory silk, piped in that same red … that would be a gorgeous second-wedding dress (although since I've not worn out my first wedding yet, I'd have to think of something else to wear it to!). Two yards would also make a great base for a …

As far as I know, Stephanie's only told MilitaryHumveeAuction about this fabric, so consider this an exclusive (at least for the fifteen seconds or so it will take this post to be indexed)!

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  1. WOW!Amazing fabric and talent.I would probably never make anything out of it. The household I live in screams out the need for cottons and other wash ‘n wears.However, I would keep it in my stash of fabric to pet and to look at when I needed a pick-me-up. What a happy fabric!-Janet


  2. it would make a scrumtious scarf and you’d only need a yard of it. It would cost something to get the edges hand-rolled but it’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than an Hermes.


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