Good Intentions

I *absolutely* meant to post about the , but the last few weeks have been pretty hectic, what the conferencing and the travel and the husband-gone-fishing-in-Canada-ness of it all. But right now I am looking at a week with very few conference calls in it, and only three or four deliverables, so isn't it good that they extended the deadline to July 16! That's a week from now, plenty of time for you all to enter and win a NEW SEWING MACHINE!

I also meant to post about the … they extended their deadline, too, to July 15. That's plenty of time to design, sew, and mail, right? Right?

I think there's some other stuff I was going to post about, as well. Maybe I will catch up this week, stranger things have happened.

Oh, and someone in the comments a few days back asked for another fabric week, and well, seller has listed a ton of vintage fabric, including the blue silk up above. Blue-gray *textured* silk. Mmmmmm. Perhaps my good "I'm not buying any fabric until I go to Japan" intention is going to take a workout this week.

Anything else I've forgotten? Leave a comment or email me …


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  1. You forgot to tell us (better show us!) what dresses you wore to all those conferences!And you forgot to make up all the gazillion patterns you’ve been buying so we can see how fabulous they look. You know, in all that free time you’ve had lately.Cheers!


  2. Oh, don’t buy this fabric! I also like the huge flowers, but the color’s too dull. And think of what you can get in Japan instead…


  3. New reader here–hooked already. But what are the rules? A blog search didn’t help me any, and curiosity is killing the cat!


  4. Most of my penguin collection had to go…too many moves. Thanks for the link. Love those rules! What a great post that was.


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