Dresses = Art (I could have told you that)

Several of you (Emily, Mel) have sent me links to this artist, Liz Tran, over the last few weeks — thank you very much! Of course I love her work.

There's a nice article about the artist and her work . I especially liked this bit:

She's even painted dresses she wanted but couldn't afford, like a red strapless taffeta number with giant white polka dots. "After I sold the painting, I bought the dress," says a victorious Tran.

Now that's a woman after my own heart. And I love the idea of trading a representation of a thing for the thing itself … imagine going up to a hot dog cart and trading a sketch of a hot dog for something warm and covered in mustard. It's just so intellectually satisfying!

Tran's art isn't terribly expensive — the biggest ones seem to run only about $700 — so if you have an art jones this would be a good away to satisfy it!

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  1. There’s a bathroom in the Beverly Hills Hotel that has, in each stall, a sketch of a food-themed dress. I think you’d get a kick out of them! Of course, I don’t remember the artist or anything.


  2. I too love the idea of trading a representation of a thing for the actual thing. I wonder if anyone has done this more intentionally, artistically speaking.


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