Dictionaries = Pretty (I could have told you that)

Jonquil sent me this link … the corset is stunning, of course, but for me the attraction is that the skirt and shawl are dictionary fabric. Dictionary fabric! I've nearly gone blind trying to figure out WHICH dictionary was used. I should email , the artist, and ask for a picture … it can't be American Heritage, because the text wraps around the line art … maybe MW2?

Of course, if you read through the comments you'll find that she found the fabric on a remnant table ($2/yard! Silk!) in San Jose and that it's all gone, now.

Jonquil predicted that, if *I* had turned up yards and yards of silk dictionary fabric at $2/yard, that I would have made a shirtwaist … maybe. I'd also think seriously about making from it.

Not that this will ever happen NOW … sigh. At least I know the fabric is out there somewhere, and being loved (because who wouldn't love dictionary-print silk?).

Needless to say, if anyone finds any more of this out there, I'm offering a modest reward and shipping costs!

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  1. Oh, Erin, it’s perfect! At least we live in the future, in which someone was able to make sure you saw a *picture* of the dictionary-print silk dress!


  2. Fabrics R Us!! Ohmigosh! This place has been reviewed twice at Pattern Review. I live in San Jose (or close enough) where the store is located.I went to this store years ago (before they moved to their present location). What an experience! I was looking for fuzzy/furry brown fabric to make a squirrel or bear costume; dont remember which animal it was. When your child is in a childrens theater program, you find yourself sewing all kinds of interesting stuff. This is not the kind of fabric you find at your local Joanns or Hancocks.The owner asked if I needed help. I stood in a narrow aisle and said Yes. I need a fabric like this (touching a fuzzy knit in green that was perfect except for the color) in this color (indicating an unsuitable fabric in the right shade of brown).He went to the back of the store, where rolls of fabric were stored on a multi-level industrial rack, got his rolling staircase (the fabric was stacked that high), rolled over to a specific spot in the 30-foot long rack, climbed up the staircase and pulled a roll out of the middle of the stack. It was EXACTLY what I needed.I have no idea what kind of filing system he used, but he knew exactly where that fabric was. I think I need to make a fabric store trip this weekend. Ill look for the dictionary fabric for you, Erin. How many yards will do? All of it on the bolt? Whats the minimum you need for a dress?CMC


  3. I design custom made fabrics as a hobby. For the sake of simplicity, I usually do single color screen prints on whatever fabric I have available and turn them into messenger bags. A dictionary-style pattern sounds like something I might be able to pull off. I probably owe you, anyway. When you mentioned tetris fabric on this blog I designed and printed a pattern the next day.


  4. Wow: dictionaries, silk, green and brown, corset…I think my fetish meter just blew a fuse. AND I live close to San Jose…might just have to pay that store a little visit sometime soon (furiously balancing checkbook)…


  5. Erin, if you truly want dictionary fabric, go back through your very own blog. At some point last year when you had a craving for … some other print, I sent you information on a place that does custom fabric printing, and does not require any great amount of yardage – your four or five yards would be perfect, in the event Allison is not in a position to print any for you (for whatever reason).(This is why I sometimes wish rather wistfully you had a “search” feature on your blog, but, speaking as someone who hasn’t actually set up her own blog, I haven’t any right to be anything but wistful.)


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