Wait 'til Next Year

Emma Domb pocket dress

Doesn't this make you want to see more? Trust me, the rest of this Emma Domb cocktail dress (at Vintage Grace) is just as spectacular, but this being the blog it is, we choose to focus on the pockets. Beaded pockets!

It's a perfect dress for New Year's Eve, isn't it? Black, classic, and yet with those whimsical pockets, perfect for holding your lipstick or your pre-countdown breath mint. And, since it's almost a whole year away, and your resolutions are still sparkly and new, you could justify purchasing it even if you're not quite its size (B36/W28).

Many thanks to Laura, who sent in this link!

0 thoughts on “Wait 'til Next Year

  1. Oh Dear! that dress is just my size!the only reason I dont snap it up is the ape torso I have. Short legs, long body, that’s me!


  2. Gorgeous!Hey Erin, was that you chatting with Phil Ponce last night on Chicago Tonight? I got all excited and told my husband that you were one of my imaginary online friends. Keeping with the blog: Loved your wardrobe choices – great color combos – coral sweater, yellow shirt and blue skirt. You were enchanting, dear.


  3. I couldn’t figure out where all the traffic on my shop was coming from — now I do! What a nice surprise to find Erin’s discovery of this Emma Domb! I have to say, I get a lot of the Domb sister’s dresses in, but this one — this is the most unbelievable one I have ever seen. It is truly amazing!! My best friend tried it on and you should see it on a live model, OMG!!!! It’s beyond words stunning!!Thanks so much Erin. You are always so greatly appreciated!!xo ~Maureen


  4. I started reading your blog a few months ago, and next week I start a sewing class at the local community college. Thank you for inspiring me to learn how to make clothes that FIT!


  5. Ai yi yi – I just ordered five totally fantastic patterns from Lanetz Living – and did you see the warning at the bottom of the page “This website is addictive and can be hazardous to your pocket book, proceed with caution!”Five patterns, thus free shipping, and a 10% DressADay discount is NOT hazardous at all!Thanks for leading me there – I now have WAAAY too many vintage patterns! YIPPPPEEEEEE


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