Drabble #9

shiny dress

You know, sometimes the other dresses tease me for being so shiny, but I know they’re all just jealous. Shiny is the best. There’s nothing better than shiny. I sparkle, I glitter, I glow—put me next to an incandescent bulb and it’s all over, baby. You might as well take your matte satin self back to the closet, or better yet “accidentally” bump into a lit cigarette, or knock over a glass of red wine. Anything to end your dull shame. Now where did those lamé shoes run off to? If you’re gonna do shine, you gotta do it right.

0 thoughts on “Drabble #9

  1. Now that dress says “Party” but in such an elegant way. No boobs falling out, no thigh high slits,no looking like she wants to fall into bed with the first man she meets. She just wants to have fun and enjoy the music, the conversation, the eats and then go home and put on her flannel nighty and curl up with a cup of cocoa and think about the fun night she just had.


  2. Great drabble for today Erin. It is a beautiful dress and I agree 100 percent with Gail.. but that kind of fabric is so darn ITCHY!!! I have had similar dresses made of the same type of material and after about five minutes of wearing them I am about ready to come unhinged. Someone needs to figure out how to make that fabric flannel backed so it is comfy to wear.


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