Drabble #8

Being a little black dress is like being in a sorority. You’re not identical, but you are mostly the same. You and your sisters tend to think alike, want the same kinds of things. A party where there’s not a lot of sloppy food. Clear alcohol. Shiny jewelry and fancy shoes, with a bag to match. It’s hard to imagine being another color. If you were purple, or bright yellow, or grass green, you’d hardly ever meet anyone like yourself. It would be lonely, I think. I like being a little black dress, and seeing my sisters wherever I go.

0 thoughts on “Drabble #8

  1. Watching the Heifer International thermometer climb above 100%, and enjoying the daily drabble, a mad proposal comes to mind. If we keep contributing, will you keep writing them? A drabble is not just for Christmas…..


  2. That is a dress my mother could have worn to a cocktail party in the 50s. With high high heels and red red lipstick. She would act all sophisticated and then take off her shoes to jitterbug. She would sit at the piano and play, singing torch tunes like Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man. She would come home late and happy, with little umbrellas and things from the party for us kids. All week long she would regale us with stories and teach us some jitterbug steps.


  3. I actually laughed out loud when I read the first two sentences of this drabble. And then continued to giggle a little bit after that. Thanks!


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