Drabble #7

Lots of dresses don’t remember being made, but I do. I don’t know if it’s because it took her so long, or if it was because she was thinking so hard about me, but I remember everything. I remember the first shock of the scissors and the needle melding the thread into me and the heavy wet heat of the iron—everything. I remember how vague I felt when my seams were all still unfinished, before I was hemmed, or had buttons. But I wish I could remember the first minute when I knew I was going to be a dress.

0 thoughts on “Drabble #7

  1. Someone did a REALLY nice job of matching the print in the center front of the bodice, and balancing out the flower layout of the skirt. Brava!


  2. It’s well-written, as everything Erin writes, but “eponymous” isn’t what leaps to mind. It’s not as if the dress were named “Erin.”


  3. Dear Dress,In an alternate universe, I made you to wear to work, but discovered that you were too much fun for the office. After that, you were saved for Saturday Shopping Days with the girls–paired with my favorite lime green pumps and matching clutch purse. I remember one morning, Amy picked me up for our shopping day and I was wearing another dress. I figured my friends were tired of seeing the same frock. Amy made me go back inside to change. You were so happy! And, really, so was I. XOXO,Lydia


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