Ruffles? Ruffles.

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Well, I'm shopping eBay Australia again — maybe I'm thinking it's some giant study-abroad, student-exchange program for sewing patterns? — and this one is tempting me. Specifically, the little polka-dot number. Now, I've carefully arranged all my pattern-shopping experiments to allow for the significant amount of polka-dot interference, so I'm pretty sure what caught my eye was the ruffle. (I know! Ruffles!)

Sorry the picture is a bit wonky; I don't have my regular suite of image-editing tools here today so I'm unable to lovingly caress every pixel to show you the best possible view. If you want to see it larger go click on the image and you'll be right there at the auction.

I'm not sure why; perhaps I'm still reeling from the sensory assault that was the September issue of Lucky, what with all those patterned tights and fussy little blouse bows and whatnot (I swear they're having some kind of internal contest and the stylist who puts the most unlikely accessory with any particular outfit and manages to get it photographed wins); perhaps the combination of PINK plus polka-dots trancended all my careful laboratory controls. Maybe I'm still thinking about that bertha collar on Queen Victoria from the other day. All I know is that I am entranced by the way that ruffle straddles the boundary between collar and sleeve.

If you are too, and you don't mind removing precious national sewing heritage documents from another country, you can buy this for $6.09 US. It's a B34, and shipping seems reasonable. And so does making it in pink polka-dots.

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  1. Hello Erin,I have that pattern in my collection. I found it a few years ago at a thrift shop and really liked the elegance of the little black number. Also, I liked the variations the pattern offers, it could be made up as an evening dress or a sundress. And the ruffles are oh so flirty.So have I made it?Sadly…


  2. miss dress a day:i had my first fashion show of all dresses – the collection could be called “fun with my ruffler foot”. here’s pics:


  3. Oh, I LOVE ruffles and polka dots too! Recently succumbed to a ruffly triple tiered skirt pattern, making it up in black w/white polka dots. When I finished I thought ‘WHAT was I thinking?’ at my age. Oh well, it’s great fun, flirty and who cares about age anyway? K Q;-)


  4. Back in the 60’s, I made a dress from a similar pattern, but there were no ruffles shown on the pattern, so I added them myself. It turned out exactly like the black one on this pattern. But I agree with you. Polka dots are simply the best way to make this one.


  5. Forget the zones, what I need is a dress that blows up like an inner tube around the middle to warn me every time I get near a chocolate cake…


  6. Are you telling me I should be feeling guilty for bringing all my own vintage patterns from Australia when I moved here? Damn!Or perhaps it counts that I am an Australian who will use them? (although a few too many are from my B34 mother’s collection – I rescued them when she was clearing out the box – and thus need adjustment to my B38 frame…)


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