Wrap and Duro Roundup!

I love it when y'all send me photos of dresses you've made from patterns I've shown here … I suppose it's like being an elementary school teacher when your grown-up students come back to visit!

Here are two really great versions of the from (check out her site for her bridal designs!). This is the fancy one — I never would have tried this pattern for a dressy dress, but it's really gorgeous:

kessler evening

And this is the "picnic" one — she changed it to have wrap ties, instead of the front button closure, and shirred the shoulders:

kessler picnic

Sbanks made this gorgeous black-and-white version. She says the bottom band was an "I-ran-out-of-fabric" decision, but I love it — it really works. (Also, I'm of the opinion that "more gingham" is like "more cowbell" — always appropriate.)

sbanks wrap

Yvette in San Diego made this — the color combination is just lovely. She says: "The dress is silk chiffon, lined with some silk I had left over from a UFO, the bands are rayon georgette. I made a few alterations: lengthened the sleeves 3 inches, took out all the superfluous seams (back center seams, side panel seams), extended the facing around back. The next one is going to be in cotton, I’m in no hurry to sew chiffon again, and I am going to lengthen the ties so that I can wrap and tie them in the front if I want."

yvette Duro

I'm going to do that "lengthen-the-ties" trick myself for my next one. (And oh yes, there will be a next one … I found a serendipitous fabric match that has me chortling in gleeful anticipation. "I gloat! Hear me!")

And one last one — check out Erica B's version.
Erica Duro

(She didn't send it to me, but I found it through trackbacks …) Gorgeous! And go read her blog, .

Mouret, your way.

I'm sure you've all seen this Fall 2005 dress from Roland Mouret — if not on the runway, then on innumerable starlets on the red carpet. (I leave the googling up of those links as an exercise for the reader.)

Now, my friends, you can make your own! sent me this Vogue pattern:

At, one must assume, a fraction of the cost of a "real" Mouret. (Actual math, again, left as one of those pesky reader exercises.) The Vogue pattern, as well, has a long-sleeved version, and one with a pleated hem, both of which variations appeal to me. I also like it as shown, in a Prince of Wales check or some other menswear fabric; much less obvious than a single bright vampy color. And while we're firmly in the realm of hypotheticals, I'd want to adapt the skirt to have welt pockets, with flaps matching those on the sleeves.

What would you do with this pattern?