We interrupt this blog

For an announcement — I'll be reading at the New York Public Library tonight as part of the Literary Magazine marathon, so if you're in the city and would enjoy hearing me read from "The Simpsons: Embiggening Our Language With Cromulent Words," by Mark Peters, come on by. (I'm last on the bill, btw.) Details: New York Public Library's DeWitt Wallace Periodicals Room, 5th Ave. at 42nd St., Saturday, June 10th from 4–6:30 PM.

I'll also be hanging out at Housing Works all afternoon tomorrow, for the Lit Mag Fair (do you sense a theme developing here?) — Housing Works Used Book Café, 126 Crosby Street in Soho Sunday, June 11th from 12–5PM. Remember, come to the Fair wearing a dress and I will give you a free pen. (While supplies last.)

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  1. Hey! I cry foul! What if us dudes had wanted a pen? Guess it doesn’t matter, beings I was at a catfish tournament on Lake Huron. But I do love book fairs and readings. I just can’t let my wife see your blog–it’s too good.


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