I bet you thought I forgot about the book contest, didn't you?

I know, I know, I set the deadline for the for a MONTH ago (more, actually) but, you know, my life got in the way. And I had to figure out how to do a cgi form with my webhost. Which wasn't difficult, but it was a hurdle …

Anyway, of all the submissions, here are the finalists. Now it's your turn to vote! Fill out the form below, and choose which cover you like best. The criteria? Whether it's a good dress and whether it makes you want to pick up the book. The person who submitted the cover AND one person selected at random from all the voters will win their choice of one of these titles (so you can vote for a book you don't actually want to have).

Mommy Dressing — Isn't this dress SWANK?
Rosie Dunne — Cute. Plaid. Irish.
Technique of the Love Affair — The dress alone would make you an expert at flirtation …
The Cinnamon Peeler — I love the embellishment and the silhouette.
Agatha Christie 1950s Omnibus — Even if she had to kill for this dress, it was worth it.

[Form removed; entry deadline has passed.]

I will use your email address ONLY to tell you if you have won the contest. I will not send you spam! Please vote ONLY ONCE — I fear for my inbox if there's ballot-stuffing.

Voting ends at 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning June 3rd! I'll try to have everything tallied up by the end of the following week.


0 thoughts on “I bet you thought I forgot about the book contest, didn't you?

  1. I voted for Mommy Dressing because I have very clear memories of being a small child and watching my mother get dressed to go out on a Saturday night, back in the early sixties. Beautiful dress (usually one she’d made), perfume, mink stole.This is where I got my idea of what it’s like to be a grown up. Somehow, turns out that these days — not so much. But love the idea of the book.


  2. It certainly was a tough choice. I’m an Agatha Christie fan, so the red dress and and the mod snow-flakes just add to the appeal of the mysteries. And the Mommy Dressing dress is amazing. But I had to go plaid and vote for Rosie Dunne.


  3. Ooh! The Love Affair book is actually written by distinguished costume designer and historian Doris Langley Moore, the woman whose costume collection formed the basis of the Bath Costume Museum.I am off to buy post-haste.


  4. Oh God, this was hard. I have to stick to the dress right? Because I love the look of the Agatha Christie, but the Ondaatje is nice PLUS the whole book looks better… Oh God. Hard. Hard. Have to think some more.


  5. I voted for Mommy Dressing for the same reasons as Floretbroccoli. Oh, except it was the late 60’s for me. My mom has a mink stole too and she still has it. 2nd I love the idea of the book.


  6. I voted for the 50s omnibus, not just because of the dress (chic cut, great colour, perfect accessories, including hauty yet languid stance), but because I remember more than one Agatha Christie novel in which the vital clue was a dress itself.The clothes always fitted the characters so well. If I recall correctly, Poirot was always impeccably dressed, and never hesitated to make bitchy remarks about the attire of others. And Miss Marple, bless her, once figured out whodunnit based on the killer’s affinity for sequins. Now, that’s style.


  7. Okay, I ended up voting for the Christie. My reasoning, you’ll be glad to hear, is very Erin-esque (you wouldn’t think I only discovered this blog a week or so ago!).Mommy Dressing – glamorous, but doesn’t really look wearable (to me), plus I imagine it black, and I don’t like black, also I can’t really see the dress as she’s standing like an eejit.Rosie Dunne – meh… the picture is great, but IRL it’s just dowdy. Without that waistline you’re wearing a sleeveless flanner shirt. Plus the pockets look enormous. :-OTOTLA – can’t see it, looks too slinky.The Cinnamon Peeler – looks real. I love how I can even see the texture of the fabric. One can imagine how the lace trim is handmade. Beautiful and evocative. However, the way it seems to be cut under the bust clinches it for me. Not my fave look.So Agatha Christie it is. Simply because it’s a beautiful red (I love love love red), with a nice waistline, and not too short. Although (and here’s an Erin-esque bit), I’d lose the boat-shaped neckline in favour of a deep v. 😉


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