Another Duro Contender

Quickly, because I'm at a conference (and if I can get a good pic of the dress I'm wearing today — new for the conference, natch) I will post it tomorrow — here is another Duro contender, sent to me by Amy!

(On first glance, I thought the guy in the picture was a midget! How about y'all?)

Thank you Amy! This one's not my size, so bid away. If you bid on the one that is my size, I will kill you. Messily, and with no concern for minimizing your suffering. Thank you for your kind attention.

0 thoughts on “Another Duro Contender

  1. I thought the guy was just a little dude. What is she picking out of his hair? And why, if they are at such a dress-up event, does he have foreign matter in his hair?


  2. I really like the sheer dress over slip idea of this version. Very goddessy. I love vintage Nina Ricci patterns in general.


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