Cool and refreshing.

This is a new Liberty print, and I waaaaaaant it. Too bad this eBay auction (click to go buy it and taunt me with it) is only 1.75 meters. I need at least four yards to make a giant lampshade dress. And it will take pretty much all my powers of restraint NOT to make a matching lampshade hat, because — well, because it would be really, really funny. (Even funnier if you know that I'm teetotal.)

This eBay seller does have more listed, starting at £15/meter, which would work out to being more than $100 for four yards. Plus shipping. I think I will have to wait!

0 thoughts on “Cool and refreshing.

  1. At first glance I thought that this fabric was a corset-print. Then it looked like a bunch of three-gore skirts. Then I got the lampshades. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed…


  2. its really nice. I’m going to get some of that! And lucky me can just pop in to Liberty when I am in London next week….


  3. Ahh, I did good on this one I saw right away that it was a lampshade print. Iam doing much better then last week when I thought the bunnies were aliens.


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