Just click on this, okay?

This is a great picture — wonderful dress. I think she altered it to fit her, adding the green insert, something I'm seeing more and more of as the stock of vintage in average sizes decreases.

Go check it out!


0 thoughts on “Just click on this, okay?

  1. Wow, so lovely! So you! I’m glad you weren’t there, so you weren’t tempted into any sort of an unseemly *scene*. Although of course you are too decorous by half to have tried to trade dresses with her on the spot or anything….


  2. I love, love, love the “new look”. That is just perfect, so 50’s and she wears it so well. The guy is pretty snazzy too.


  3. I love that some folks still take part in the “parade.” (And I especially like that guy’s straw bowler.) “Easter Parade” is one of my favorite old movies…


  4. I immediately thought of Dress a Day when I saw that picture, further down is a version of that Duro (was it?) dress with the tunic style insert which was feature here for a good while.


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