Sartorialist Nabs a Duro

Go check out this neato-keen Duroesque dress at
Someday lightning will strike and I will be wearing something attention-grabbing and fashion-forward yet classic and timeless on the same block as the Sartorialist when he has his camera out …

Thanks to Ju and Laura for the heads-up!

0 thoughts on “Sartorialist Nabs a Duro

  1. I was just going to email this to you! I saw another one on Sixth Avenue today – a yellow floral print with brown and green polkadot trim. And of course I thought of you. The dress looked great!


  2. Hey girl…you should check out , it seems like something you’d really like. It’s all about fashion trends and has some videos from Fashion Week LA this year. Love your site…keep it up!Chloe


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