Another one.

I suppose at some point I will have posted every midriff-band pattern in the world, and then I will have to find a new thing to obsess over. (Madelene sent me the link to this one, which is very nice.) I think the shoulders are a mite too wide on this one, and of course I dislike the sleeves or lack thereof, but that's easily fixable.

If I were going to make this up, it would have to be in a printed silk, heavily interfaced for the midriff band. I'd ditch the facings for the surplice top and do bias trim, instead; getting those facings to lie flat as you sew on the band is a pain and a half. This would also be good in stretch velvet, made a size smaller than usual. If you were the mother of the bride you could probably get away with pastel satin. I would probably ditch the tie belt, but I don't think I'd replace it with what looks like (from the smaller illustration) a kilt pin with dangling charms. Every once in a while one of the fashion magazines advises "pin a jeweled brooch at your waist! It's charming!" when it's not charming, it's a health hazard. You would (I assume, having had the good sense not to Try This At Home) scratch up the underside of your arm, snag your handbag constantly, and pull all your sweaters. No, thanks.

I wish I understood the hair and color choices in this photo, too. I like that goldy-beige color quite a bit (even if it is undeniably upholsteryish) but somehow on the model it looks just plain weird. And why didn't they have time to brush out her hot-rollered hair? Were they under attack from the McCall's people? Did they run out of Cokes? The world is full of mystery.

Click on the image to go to the eBay listing for this pattern.

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  1. I love this! I was going to get it but 7.00 is too much.My favorite part of it is the stiff, beer-barrel shaped skirt.-kelly


  2. I’d like this dress with bell or kimono sleeves, modified so they don’t create a hazard when near an open flame, of course.


  3. Well, Erin, when you run out of all the midriff-patterns in the world, you can start posting my favorites: SHAPED midriff patterns! With pointy tops which are impossible to line up! With shaped tops which need to be either darted or gathered (but gathered so the boob doesn’t look all weird)!The model’s blond hair looks weird, not just because it’s fresh-from-the-beauty-parlour, but because it’s the exact colour of her skin. Hair and skin matching is very seldom a flattering thing.


  4. This is a very nice 70’s patten for someone not for me. I do not do the 70’s I had to live through them once and that was enough. My dh knows not to even to discuss 70’s clothing with me anymore he so fears my wrath.


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