NY Fashion Week: Vivienne Tam Fall 2006

Isn't it lovely? I love the neckline, and the fabric, and the way it hangs, and the use of what looks like velvet piping. This is the kind of dress that feels great to wear — you won't be wondering what's hanging out that should be in. I hope we see this dress out and about a lot in party season — I hope she makes a tea or floor length version, too, although with the stiff fabric it would be a bit baroque.

I don't think I'd wear any jewelry (except old-gold and topaz dangly earrings). With a floor-length version I'd wear barbaric old-gold or brass cuffs set with large irregular (unfaceted) stones. Cabochons. Tiger-eye cabochons — what do you think? And certainly not with black tights and shoes — deep deep brown velvet shoes with old-gold bows.

In white brocade with white velvet piping this would be an exquisite winter wedding dress. In white eyelet with twill piping it would be a lovely summer party dress, although I bet you'd have to underline the eyelet with organza to get the right weight (I know, I know, eyelet should be limp, but I love stiff eyelet). In red floor-length velvet with satin piping it would be a costume for Deadwood. (It's always possible to pervert a great design with bad fabric …)

I think tomorrow will be the last Fashion Week post, and we'll be back to our regular schedule of dresses that at least make a pretense of being wearable and affordable …

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  1. Nothing to do with Fashion Week, though I’m really enjoying the posts. I was scrolling down past the Design a Tartan post (that site is too much fun), and I noticed Dresses. I loved that book when I was a kid, and wanted to thank you for taking me back.


  2. Love Love Love this dress. And it’s flattering. With the circular bands of piping, it reminds me of the zipper dress by Cat Chow.Amy


  3. In red floor-length velvet with satin piping it would be a costume for Deadwood.::drools::No no, in red floor-length velvet w/ satin piping, it would HAVE to belong to me. Oh, that would be a nigh-perfect Gothy-goth EVENT dress.


  4. What great comments about the Vivienne Tam dress. I’ve really been enjoying your Fashion Week posts. You do a great job and are an engaging writer, with a wry sense of humor which I appreciate. Thanks for making the effort so that we can all read and enjoy.


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