Vaguely Related

The Eskimos, I'm told, have seventeen different words for shades of white. This is even more than there are in my imagination.

from DV by Diana Vreeland (italic hers), which I am enjoying more than I even thought possible. The only problem is that I can't read too much at once or else I start to talk like DV herself, and frankly, even she had trouble pulling that off at times!

Everyone who still believes that the Eskimos have X words for snow should go read right now. Or check out Geoff Pullum's Language Log postings and


I want this with an unnatural and possibly unholy desire. The dress on the left, natch. Which I want to make in sheer red organza with a red satin sash, in order to take it from "terrified (and heavily drugged) child bride" to "whore" in one short step, but either way it's wrong.

I could also see it in black organza, but that would be "I killed four husbands, but they can't prove anything! Want to come up for a drink, big boy?"

Somebody, do me a favor and click on the image to buy it before I lose all reason, 'kay? Cause it's my size and I might not be able to hold out much longer. It's $26, which is a small price to pay to avoid having to see me in red organza with ruffles. (Or, ooooh, grass green lawn! With a floral chintz sash!) Hurry! There's not much time.

I could do that.

I love how belligerent the women in this illustration look. They are just one sidewise glance away from a real, cinematic-quality, GLOW-style catfight.

But I'm not buying this pattern, even though I love the design (and the illustration) because I think I have all the parts and I can do that trim effect on the neck and sleeves myself. And probably will, very soon.

I'm pretty lazy — I think I told Jonquil that I'm perfectly happy to pay Vogue Patterns $20 to do math for me so I wouldn't have to figure out how to make a tiered skirt — but I won't pay for a pattern that just tells me how to add some bias trim or a shaped facing.

If you don't already have this bodice and skirt kicking around in your collection, go ahead and click on the image!

$15 worth of joy.

There's no fabric description on this, so it might be polyester — nobody "forgets" to mention that something is silk — but I love the print. It has a zipper up the back (which I hate) — but I love the print. It might be 1980s — but I love the print. The only reason I haven't clicked "Buy It NOW"–it's only $15–is that it's just slightly too large for me (38/32/38) and I don't need any more reasons to eat the leftover Christmas candy than I already have.

I've also resolved that I'm not going to apologize for my taste in wacky prints any more. Doesn't it leave more plain black clothes for everyone else? I am performing a public service, even if it sometimes confuses people. Like the time I was in Nordstrom's, wearing an orange striped skirt, orange tights, and an orange sweater (I also really like orange, so sue me) and I heard the salesclerk say "Oh, it's right over there, just past the woman in the …. black boots." I managed to make it down the escalator before cracking up.

Anyway, if this is your size, it's probably worth asking the seller (Maggie Flower's Vintage Clothing) what the fabric is, and if it's not polyester, it's certainly worth $15!

More Raw Materials

It's a good thing that it didn't even cross my mind to resolve not to buy more fabric in 2006, because it's what, Jan 3? and I have clicky fingers on eBay again. Isn't this gorgeous? It's Marimekko fabric from the 1990s. It's not actually what I bought, though — at $55, plus shipping from AUSTRALIA, it's a little too pricey for me for 138 x 100 cm. Also, although I love Marimekko, like all right-thinking individuals, you always run the risk of blending in with someone's couch and pillows when you sew with home dec fabric (it's usually a risk I'm willing to take, if the fabric is cheap enough). However, I wasn't able to resist this:

eames fabric
Isn't that great? It was much cheaper than the Marimekko too, if also a bit smaller. I'm sure I have that 1-yd skirt pattern still lying around somewhere, or I can use it as a accent fabric for that Hippie Chick Hotpatterns dress.

Go check out –they have tons of amazing fabric. And it's a good exercise in patience, to wait the weeks that it will take to have the fabric come from Australia!

A Big Beautiful Dress

Sorry for the sidewise view, but the full-on was a bit fuzzy. Go check out the auction for a better look. And do it in a hurry — this one ends Jan 3. I don't usually post things that are ending so soon, but this is B49/W37, in perfect shape, and the starting bid is $39.99. So go!

It's hard to find larger sizes in good condition; one theory is that they've always been so sparse on the ground that they get worn to death. The other is that, since they're larger, they get cut down into smaller garments. I'm sure there are other theories out there, some of which probably involve the old socks-and-the-dryer chestnut, but hey, if you put a dress like this in the dryer you deserve to have it disappear!

The dress is rayon, the buttons rhinestone, the dots heavy net. Really a stunner. Check out the other VintageTrend auctions while you're there; lots of good stuff!