A Big Beautiful Dress

Sorry for the sidewise view, but the full-on was a bit fuzzy. Go check out the auction for a better look. And do it in a hurry — this one ends Jan 3. I don't usually post things that are ending so soon, but this is B49/W37, in perfect shape, and the starting bid is $39.99. So go!

It's hard to find larger sizes in good condition; one theory is that they've always been so sparse on the ground that they get worn to death. The other is that, since they're larger, they get cut down into smaller garments. I'm sure there are other theories out there, some of which probably involve the old socks-and-the-dryer chestnut, but hey, if you put a dress like this in the dryer you deserve to have it disappear!

The dress is rayon, the buttons rhinestone, the dots heavy net. Really a stunner. Check out the other VintageTrend auctions while you're there; lots of good stuff!

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  1. Dear Dress A Day,I’m so very happy to hear you addressing the issue of raw materials, aka dress fabric. This is the very stuff I live for every day.You see I have this problem. I often go to my favorite fabric store, Vogue Fabrics, in Evanston. I budget myself $10 to buy something every time I go. I got to watch the money in the bank account to support myself and my kitty.Well, sometimes I say, I can’t afford to even buy $10 worth of stuff today. So I pass up glorious yardage remnants thinking, “It’ll be here next week after I get my paycheck.” I said that about a sheer polka dot mesh remnant that wanted to be a pair of undies, a silvery leopard print that cried out to be a sexy top.Well, what do you know? Those remnants weren’t there the next week! I felt blue. Other people buying my remnants. This happens every week – 52 times a year. It’s making me fall into a deep state of depression. Dress A Day, what can I do to beat the fabric got away blues? Does this ever happen to you? How do you deal with the fact that you will likely never see this particular textile EVER again in your life?I look forward to your prompt response and your wise words, Ms. Dress A Day.Sincerely,Vintagecrochetgirl


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