Another reason why librarians are awesome

Vogue 6374

So I was invited to speak last week (about my Real Job™) at a lovely library in Connecticut. It was gratifyingly well-attended and the audience questions were great. What does this have to do with why librarians are awesome and why this pattern is here? Well, as an honorarium for coming to speak, they gave me this pattern! And another one that was equally lovely! And they're my size!

"How did you know?" I asked, because this site isn't in my Official Bio™ … but it does say that I like to sew with vintage patterns. So they had not only READ it (you'd be surprised how many people that want me to come speak DON'T) but actually took the information and used it. So thoughtful!

Anyway, that's reason #15,988 why librarians rock. And I hope you can see in the scan (it's a little fuzzy, sorry) how the collar splits at the shoulder seam. That also rocks.

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  1. Erin, that’s awesome. I’ve told people that I’m into making hats and suddenly they’re sending vintage millinery supplies in the mail. I also was given hundreds of vintage sewing patterns…the only caveat was that I had to go pick them up in the Oak Park home where they were located. I was a little disappointed when I found they were mostly 70s and 80s patterns, with a smattering of 50s and 60s ones…I ended up giving most of them to the Columbia College’s Fashion Study Collection Archive. Still it was a cool experience.


  2. Actually, most librarian think that they actually are in charge of the world. We just need a sticker on our cars, like police, so we can park anywhere in an information emergency!My library co-workers all sew cool stuff!


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