From the Great State of Wyoming

sent me this lovely dress — go click through to the eBay auction because the seller has almost obsessively photographed this dress. I know newborn babies who have spent less time in front of the camera. It's the next best thing to holding this dress in your hands, seriously.

Check out the bodice. In the "too much is never enough" category, it wins hands down, being sweetheart AND surplice AND double-bowed.

ebay item 8354740422"

It's gorgeous, if a little on the small side (26" waist) and a Buy it Now for $325.

Thanks, Rose!

0 thoughts on “From the Great State of Wyoming

  1. Erin, this is stunning,the dress you want to wear during this season of metallics. It’s truly electric and would knock the competition flat in no time.btw, you might want to fix the width of your close-up; it’s running into the other column.


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  3. This dress is just incredible. Love the fabric, love the pattern, love, love it. I’m sure on the right size body it’ll be lovely. Sadly, the body it needs is not mine. I envy the winning bidder. Hope she can actually wear it.


  4. So beautiful. So not going to lose 8 inches around my waist to fit into it.Erin, where did you learn to sew? I have a machine, but have so far managed to make very little. Nobody in my family even had a sewing machine, so I’m more than clueless.


  5. I learned to sew because my mother (thank you mom!) had the patience to teach me! I thought she did it a very smart way — she helped me pick out a (simple) pattern and enough fabric to make TWO dresses. She made the first one, while I watched, and I made the second one while she watched (and made suggestions). Then I was off! I would go back to her for help, obviously, but she gave me free rein.I heartily suggest taking classes at a sewing machine store, fabric store, or with a local seamstress, and I also recommend the Singer sewing books and the Reader’s Digest Complete Sewing books, both of which can be found in used booksales and on pretty cheap. I’ll try to remember to add them to the booklinks list!


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