I Will Wear the New Clothes as They Are Meant to Be Worn

Check out this ad from the NYT of 29 December 1929. I love the headline! Sorry it is so huge and slow to load … if you want a huger version, click on it for full-page.

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  1. Pssst! Lydia! If you clicked on the picture, and it came up tiny in another window by itself, put your cursor on the lower corner of that image. You should get a box that shows arrows going in four directions. It may take a second or two to come up. If you click on the square, it should enlarge your picture. It actually came up humongoid when I clicked.It took me years to discover that little nugget.


  2. I like their priorities: “the new fashions will be worn and enjoyed because they are logical, beautiful, and in good taste.” We hear beauty and good taste mentioned in the context of fashion all the time, but how often do you hear an outfit called logical?Not that I think a system of six distinct skirt lengths for different types of activities is logical, but still. It’s a start.


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